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For aslong as Neville has been in the fuel industry he has always thought something

more could be done to improve the quality of fuel sold in Australia. 

For the last 30 years with help of a fuel chemist and several chemical companies he finally had

come up with an answer. 

Owens Petroleum has finally come up with the best diesel ever seen in Australia. PREMIUM BLUE DIESEL.

After independent tests from both CAT and CUMMINS and all minning industry. The results speak for themselves.

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Premium Blue Diesel



  •  Power increase: upto 10%
  • Fuel use reduction: upto 10%
  • Fuel efficiency (L/HR/HP) improvement: >6%-16%
  • Black smoke reduced upto 40%


Performance data derived from testing at Cummins Engine & Caperpillar Engine testing facilities in conjunction with leading mining companies and NSW Dept. Industry & Investment.




  • CO2 reduced >4%-16%
  • Particulates reduced >8.6%-14% U/G & 78% A/G
  • NOx reduced >3%-4%
  • CO reduced >4%-21%


Emissions data derived from testing  at Mine Safety Centre NATA testing facility in conjunction with NSW dept. Primary Industries


Maintenance & Storage


1. Injector clean-up 20.3% with 65% lower depositing

2. Fuel system wear reduced: >35% lower

3. Superior corrosion protection: Premium Blue Diesel zero reading vs. std. diesel 50%-75%

4. Reduced water entrapment: Premium Blue Diesel 2mins vs. std. diesel 10+mins

5. Exceeds CSCA requirements for Peugeot XUD-9 injector cleanliness: 60% improvement in residual flow

6. Reduced fuel foaming & foam stability:  Premium Blue Diesel 37sec collapse time vs. std. diesel 105 sec

7. Reduced solubles, oxidation & filter plugging: Premium Blue Diesel 78% reduction vs. std. diesel


1.ASTM D 5001 BOCLE Test, 2. ASTM D 665 NACE Rust Test, 3.Cummins L10 Depositing Test, 4. ASTM D 1094 Water Tolerance Test, 5. Peugeot XUD-9 Nozzle Coking Test, 6. Fuel Foam Test, 7.ASTM D 2274Fuel Oil Stability Test


  Functional Specification

Cetane Improver
-lncreases Cetane Rating

-lncreases Engine Power - faster acceleration

-lrnproves Fuel Efficiency - reduced fuel burn rate


-Separates water from fuel (water de-rates Cetane level)

-Water management ensures Cetane rating protected

Injector Cleaner

-Dlssolves existing fuel injector & fuel line build up

-Prevents new build up & maintains new injectors in new


-Delivers maximum combustibility due to clean injector

-Atomlses fuel droplets

-Ensures most efficient pre-combustion air-fuel mixture


-Reduces engine component & fuel systems wear

-lrnproves mechanical tolerance degradation

-Counteracts low sulphur levels required in

modern Diesel fuel

-Compatible with seals & O-rings


-Stabilises existing oxidation

-Rust inhibitor counteracts new oxidation

-Prolongs storage life


-Prevents growth of & kills algae, yeast & fungi

-Prevents filter blockage

-Retains fuel combustibility

-Prolongs storage life

  •  Fuel Efficiency Improved
  •  Removes Moisture
  • Engine Power increased
  • Engine Wear Reduced
  • Superior Engine & Fuel System Protection
  • CO2 & Noxious Emissions Reduced
  • Particulates & Black Smoke Reduced
  • Maximum Corrosion Resistance
  • Biological Growth Elimited
  • Fuel Foaming Reduced
  • Diesel Storage Life Significantly Increased

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